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; Do not use this Law Firm

There are a lot and i mean a lot of law firms and lawyers out there, find one that you can trust.In my opinion Mr Jeremy Sugarman and the Law firm that he works with is not one of them.

myself and my company has used him and his law firm in the past and would never use them again. Keep looking and researching lawyers and law firms or better yet ask a friend if he or she knows of a good honest lawyer. Its always best to find one from a friend first hand than to believe some slick lawyers words about themselves or words that they written about themselves on their own website.

Be leery of any lawyer that may uses block billing or treats your money as if were his own because in my opinion sooner or later it will be his own.Good luck in your search..

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What is that form of billing and what did they do to *** you off?You got me all interested and then....=>

If it is what my lawyer is doing (through pre-paid legal), I agree.

He charges for stuff that " I " do for him...also, everytime I call his secretary (that he has asked me to do) and every email, then keeps asking the same questions over and over and charges everytime...its like double just keeps sucking the retainer.After my present business, I doubt I will use the firm again.

Jeremy sugarman;not a lawyer i would hire

Sacramento, California 2 comments
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jeremy sugarman is not a lawyer that i would ever hire again.i do not like Mr.

Sugarman billing practices or the results of him representing me and my company. If i were looking for another lawyer i would research there expertise and their cases that they represented, i would never ever rely on their words. i would also make sure that their billing practices that they use is consistent with the standards that most law firms use. Never accept blocked billing.

In my opinion i do not trust Mr Jeremy Sugarman or the firm that he works for and i would never ever use him again. Please when hiring an attorney and their law firm that they work for, do your research. Research that lawyer and their firm from top to bottom, don t just go in blindly and believe every word they have to say about themselves or what they personally wrote about themselves on their own website, check there cases, their background, see if they have any consumer complaints against them, check with the better business, or better yet ask a friend if they can recommend an HONEST lawyer..

good luck!

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of course, you can fire a lawyer at anytime... good luck.


This is troubling.I hired this man and am worried that the same thing is happening to me.

He spent lots of hours doing dubious tasks. No billing yet, tho.

Can you fire a lawyer midstream?:cry

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